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Update to role titles
By Luke Oldham

New role titles – Scouts 2024

?New role titles – Scouts 2024


Previous role Title

New Role Title 

Option where no direct transfer 

County Commissioner 

Lead Volunteer 


Assistant / Deputy County

No Direct transfer 

Possible Team Leader of county teams – Support, Programme, Volunteer Development 

SASU role 

Team member in the Team & sub team that best fits the previous SASU role 


District Commissioner 

Lead Volunteer – District Name 


Assistant / Deputy District

No Direct transfer 

Possible Team Leader of District teams – Support, Programme, Volunteer Development, 14-24 

Group Scout Leader 

Team Leader – Group Name 


Assistant / Deputy Group Scout

Group Leadership Team Member 


Section Leader 

Team Leader – Section name 


Assistant Section Leader 

Team Member – Section Team 


Group Section Assistant 

No Direct transfer 

Team member of one or more Section teams 

Section Assistant 

No Direct transfer 


Training Advisor 


Team Member in the County or District Volunteer Development team


The distirct is always looking for new support within multiple role areas, for more infomation do use the contact form on the website. 


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